About the artist


My work is varied in subject matter: I love to paint people, landscapes and more abstract works. What they all have in common is a sense of peace, beauty and energy.

I like to paint peaceful scenes and big skies that allow you to lose yourself. Life can be so busy and ‘full of stuff’ I want to create opportunities for the mind to wander undirected and free.

I think portraits can carry an amazing quality, they can capture an essence of someone, an energy of that person. They can also be quite an intense experience to paint so sometimes I like to move from that detail and intensity to something more open like a landscape.

In my landscapes I aim to capture those special moments when you just have to look in awe. For example, that feeling you get when you are standing at the shore line at sun set, listening to the waves, when everything else is gone from your mind and it’s just beautiful and peaceful.


Tel 07966 872786  or email me here

Previous Exhibitions

Inkspot Studio Show Nov 2014

Inkspot Solo Show July 2015

‘Made In Roath’ October 2015

Waterloo Tea Gardens, Pen-y-lan Cardiff  February 2017

y Gallerie Caerffili December 2017- Open Art Competition

Waterloo Tea, Cardiff City Centre January 2018

Victoria Fearn July 2018 Summer Exhibition

g39 Made in Roath Open October 2019