Commissions for Interior Designers

I welcome commissions from interior designers and others refurbishing premises and requiring bespoke art works for commercial spaces: hotels, restaurants and offices.

I create works in excess of 1 metre which suits commercial interiors not only due to the size but also the abstract intricate nature of the work. These paintings are for people to get lost in. The more you look at them the more you will see.

Mauve & Pink abstract 100cm x 165cm

Mauve & Pink abstract 100cm x 165cm

'Mirror' 120 x 150

‘Mirror’ 120cm x 150cm

Bespoke pieces such as these are all unique. I prime the canvas myself, use oil or acrylic based paints that will not fade and then have a frame built for the final piece.  They take a 6-8 weeks to produce (possibly longer to allow for drying time). For transport purposes you may wish to receive them as a ‘canvas roll’ so you can stretch on location. I can create paintings in this style to suit your designs and colour schemes.


I also create smaller works. The images below are 80cm x 80cm and are also available as prints.


‘Frida’ 90cm x 90cm

This is a sample of my work. I’m happy to work to commission and share ideas for the works. Please contact me today if you would like to discuss a potential project.

Look forward to working with you


Tel:07966 872786