Portrait of the Bride


Imagine a beautiful painting above the bed- a tasteful nude- that is you!

Getting married is a special time in your life- it’s when as a woman we feel at our most beautiful. Why not capture that moment not in a photograph but in an oil painting that will last the test of time?

I have been painting for a number of years and painting people is one of my favourite subjects. Being able to capture someone in a portrait is a very special thing. A painting captures the natural beauty of someone in a far softer way than a camera. In a painting we can add symbolism through objects or flowers and make up a background. We can be truly creative.

I believe every woman should have an image of herself that shows how beautiful they are from the inside out and out. That’s what I do in my paintings- make people feel special, look special.

The process is simple. We chat, arrange a photoshoot and together select an image which I then paint in my studio. The painting takes around 6-8 weeks to create.  I like to leave time gaps so I can see the painting afresh and work on it with fresh eyes. After that there is drying time before it is ready. You can see the project as it progresses or wait till the end for a final reveal- it’s up to you.

You could add this to your wedding list ‘Fine art Portrait’, have it as a present from the groom or as an anniversary gift.  If this sounds like something for you just email me or pick up the phone and we can chat.



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