‘This is me’ Portraits of Women

Have you got a photograph that is a true reflection of who you are? I don’t mean one with a group of friends, family or even a selfie. I mean one just of you, looking beautiful, at your best. A picture that says ‘This is me!’

Capturing the real you


This is me- Prith B


I’m interested in creating paintings of women that show who they really are, in capturing their essence, showing them in their strength, in their power, in their beauty. I don’t mean some kind of power pose- I think women’s strength lies in their gentleness, their compassion, their kindness, their sexiness, their femininity, maybe even their masculinity, and woman as Goddess! There really are lots of ways we can choose to make a statement of who we are.

Paintings can tell a story

You can also tell a story in a painting, so part of the process is getting to know someone and understanding what’s important to them and what brought them to this point in their life. Everything you include in the composition means something; nothing is accidental. So the pose, what they are wearing, where they are sitting, all matters and contributes to the telling of the story.


We have so many quick snaps on social media and these can become our legacy-something people don’t realise.  I think everyone should have a painting of themselves that says ‘This is me! This is who I really am’ and be proud of that image.

A painting that’s empowering

Obviously I want people to love the final portrait but I also want them to feel empowered by it. This is very much your statement of who you are and how you choose to present yourself to the world.

I’ve been considering this myself. Out of all the self-portraits I’ve done is there just one that represents who I am? Can one painting say it all? I’m not sure about that. But, if you had only one painting and that was your statement the question then becomes: From everything that you are- what statement do you want to make about yourself?

So you see, it’s not really a painting we’re making- it’s a whole lot more. It’s about self-love, self-worth, appreciating who we are and what we’ve achieved, seeing the inner and outer beauty in ourselves…

When working on the commission I first take time to get to know someone. So tea and cake is usually a must! We then consider poses, any ‘best angles’, clothing and backgrounds. So it is very much a collaborative process.

Examples of portrait commissions

Painting of my Aunt. This painting was created from a photograph from the early 70’s. She’s at the prime of her life, just married and with her first child. She looks directly at the viewer. She wears an Indian sari with a light-knit top underneath. My Aunt was English and she married a Sikh man- hence the east-meets west clothing. As well as being a person piece, it also tells a story socially. It speaks of her courage of marrying an Indian man when it was far from the norm. This was part of her story.

The painting was done after she passed away and now is proudly displayed for her husband, children, grandchildren and shortly great grandchildren to see. They will all see how beautiful, kind and courageous she was.

I think we all have a story to tell and it can be told in the most subtle of ways.

Painting of Joy

Joy is an amazing woman. Outwardly she is a high profile speaker working across the globe inspiring and empowering women to live more purposeful lives. She is also a very private person, a deep thinker, likes time to herself and is very spiritual. The pose and expression may capture some of this. She is also known for always looking immaculate. Manicured nails are one of her trademarks- so including her hand and detailing the fingernail added that special something that made it unmistakably Joy.

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