Working in my new space

Posted on October 20, 2016


I’ve just moved in to a new studio which is much bigger and also combines a space for a ‘work’ desk.

As I moved in I knew that the space would have an impact on my work but I didn’t know how.  Part of me was also slightly nervous- What if I can’t paint here? Was it just some magic of my first studio? But I can.

A shift has taken place, the work is flowing more easily and I have no idea how or why. It’s just happening- expansion, flow…This has prompted me to think about what my work is about which I thought I would record and share here. It will also serve as reference point for me as I work.

My work is about: creating a feeling on canvas, a chance to get lost, expansion, freedom, beauty, light, complexity, simplicity. I love to sit in front of the bigger pieces and take in the energy that comes from them. I would love to have an exhibition of 5-6 big works, in a room with cushions in the centre so people could sit and experience this feeling too. Soft music would playing and the room would be gently scented. The light may also be dimmed at some points.

I’m currently painting an image again and discovering new ways to paint it. Some images are so beautiful it’s easy to do this. (A few months ago I painted a scene from Carmarthen 4 times it was so captivating!)


This new space is curious. I wonder what else will happen here.

I shall keep you posted.

Prith x

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